How to Get Chest Congestion Relief – the oriental approach

1 May
chest congestion

Chest congestion is the buildup of excess fluid and mucus in the lungs. An individual suffering from this problem may experience chest pains, cough, and difficulty breathing. Severe chest congestion is audible and may be heard as a hissing in the chest. This condition can be caused by bronchitis, post-nasal drip, or pneumonia. Chest congestion relief remedies may include prescription drugs, over-the-counter medication, and/or natural home remedies. However, natural remedies are always the best, and should therefore be given the first priority. Here are some natural ways to get chest congestion relief:

Drink up hot chicken soup: The vapor from the soup will help loosen up the mucus in the chest. Inhale the vapor from the soup first before you start drinking it. This will help by allowing the chicken broth to cool down while still relieving your chest congestion.

Take a long, hot shower: Go ahead and stand in your shower and allow the hot water to run against the chest area. Inhale the vapor from the hot water so as to help break the mucus causing the congestion. Take a thirty minute shower three to four times in a day for a better effect.

Cough often: Each time you cough, the chest actually works to break the mucus. This allows the phlegm to rise. Spit out this phlegm each time. It’s the infection and swallowing it will only make the situation worse.

Keep your body dehydrated: Drinking sufficient water when you’re sick is a necessity, but particularly helpful in relieving chest congestion. Failing to drink sufficient liquid will make the mucus in the throat and chest to thicken and coagulate, making it even stickier and more difficult to remove. Drink water, preferably warm, all through the day so as to thin down the phlegm in your chest.

Drink tea: Generally, hot liquids help dissolve the mucus causing the problem, but tea double the effect by adding in useful spices and herbs that can help relieve congestion and chest pain. Brew a cup of ginger, peppermint, rosemary, ginseng, or even chamomile tea to drink many times in a day. Add some honey for the sweetness and additional mucus-fighting power.

Perform a gargle: This is not always the most interesting thing to do, but it helps break apart the mucus in the airways. Mix a half a mug of clean warm water with just one pinch of turmeric and one to two tablespoons of salt. Carefully stir this mixture so as to help slightly dissolve the salt, and then take one swig. Gargle up the mixture far down the throat for one to two minutes, three to four times in a day.

Do a little bit of yoga poses. Exercise might be in fact the last thing to think of whenever you’re sick, but some yoga poses can help open the airways and drain the mucus. Try a reclining bound angle posture, in which you place a pillow or a support along the stretch of your spinal column on the ground. Lay on the pillow in order for your torso/head to be raised above the legs, and thereafter bend the knees. Lay your legs/knees flat on the floor with the knees still in a bent position and your feet’s soles touching. Maintain this position for ten to fifteen minutes for better effect.

As a conclusion, chest congestion can be very irritating and it may even prevent you from sleeping peacefully. You can do away with chest congestion in a day or two. Try each of the above-mentioned chest congestion relief methods. Remember, using multiple methods may be necessary to relieve congestion fast.